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Sighting - Love is everything it's cracked up to be... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Sighting [Jan. 30th, 2006|05:34 pm]


[mood |Sick]

Not much today, due largely to the fact that I went home from school early. I passed Boy #1 once with two of my friends. One of my friends knows him really well and called out to him, causing him to turn around and wave. I waved back and he mouthed "Hey, Bex". After we had passed, my friend said "I love Boy #1!" in the "we've been friends forever" way, and I sort of sighed out "Me too" in a not so "just friends" way. It was rather amusing. I later waved to him at lunch as he was walking to his car.

The only bad thing about all of this is that he is so nice to everyone, that it is impossible to tell if he is treating you special. He is impossible to read, so I will probably never know that he likes me, if he ever does...