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Boy #1 - Love is everything it's cracked up to be... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Boy #1 [Jan. 29th, 2006|09:32 pm]


[mood |Hopeful]
[music |"I'm Alone in the Universe" - Seussical]

I have a crush on a certain boy. We'll call him Boy #1. First of all, the boy is extremely attractive. So of course that attracted me. But I've had a weird history with Boy #1. Actually, it's not much of a history at all. Basically, ALL of my friends knew him really well and I was like "Boy #1 who?". I mean, my friend freaking dated him and I was still clueless. But I finally found out who he was. So that was fine. I would recognize him and that was all.

So around the time of our Cabaret, we were having a practice on a Saturday. During one of the breaks, I was heading over to Starbucks, when he passed by and said, "Why, it's Bex". I said something lame like, "Hi Boy #1". I was totally shocked. I had absolutely no idea in the world how he knew my name, or who I was for that matter.

After that, I would pass by him in the halls every so often and he would always say "Hello", or something along those lines, and I'd say "Hi" back. And that was that. During this time, my crush on his "mysterious stranger" self continued to slowly grow.

So lately, I realized that I do truly have a crush on him. But I knew nothing about him. Other than the occasional "Hi", we had never spoken to each other. So my hope of something happening was about nil.
1)I was too shy to do anything
2)I never see him around school
3)Given the opportunity, I wouldn't know what to say.

Today I was whining about this to ma dear bee biche, and she came up with a genius idea. She would call him and see if he was going to the basketball game this evening, and then she and I would go, causing Boy #1 and I to be "thrown together".

The plan worked. Despite ma biche's whiny little sister, we all ended up at the game. For a while he wasn't there. Ms. Ruszel, my English teacher, was sitting with ma biche and I, and ma biche divulged the plan unto her. When he finally came in, Ms. Ruszel had just happen to slide into the empty seat next to me to continue to tease me. He ended up sitting elsewhere, which was totally lame. During half time, after Ms. Ruszel went to go sit somewhere else, ma biche went up to him and basically dragged him over and made him sit next to me.

From thence commenced one of the most amazing conversations that I have ever has with someone who was essentially a stranger. When the first game was almost over, the little sister was making such a fuss that the real, sweet, amazing biche had to leave. The amazing conversation continued into the second game. It was amazing. We talked about everything from church to music to school to the future and everything.

So my original intention was to go to the first game, and then walk home at like 7:30 (my parents being out). But I just HAD to stay on to the second game, which ended at like 9. So I didn't want to walk home so late. So I begged him to give me a ride home. Being the perfect gentleman that he is said "Of course". So we walk over to his car, and before we get there, he puts a hand on both of my shoulders gently, and tells me to wait a minute. He goes over to his car, and cleans it out so that I wouldn't have to sit among boy stuff. So then he drove me home.

I am so fluttery right now that my whole body is shaking. I really hope that something comes of this, because he is PERFECT. I will be really sad if they don't. So yes, that is my story of me and Boy #1. So yes.

Oh, and one more thing. He used to play the trombone, which I think is the sexiest instrument ever!!!